Untitled ~ bit hard ~easy way!

4/23/2009 09:57:00 PM Postado por Vini Barros

I used to think that everything was ruined for me! Sometimes I still get this feeling, but then I force myself to stop thinking about it. I should not feel sorry about me, I should not feel blue! Well, it's hard to get it over, but I'm doing right, thanx! For now and then, I won't be so dependent for people's attention, or get totally crazy making expectation about what people think about me! I should be myself! I MUST hear what my concious is trying to teel me, I MUST stop and find my reasons! So, I won't say that I'm a different person, but I'm different in some ways, and I'll kepping this changes 'till I feel safe inside, and open my eyes from what I really am! Until I find my purpouse! well that's all, I just wanted to say those things!