It's Rainning On My World!

8/08/2009 11:04:00 PM Postado por Vini Barros

Things are not going that good to me, as the usual, and I don't have strenght enought even to care about me anymore. I won't make a list of my problems here, ´cause doing that won't bringany good, so what's the point then? I don't know, I have asked myself, why and why and why, why am I this way? why do I feel depressed so easily? If someone looks at me, they'll never tought that I'm like this, better, they'll think thousand of things, they're gonna judge me by the way I look, and they'll never accept me the way I am. But Do I really care? I think so, ´cause otherwise I won't be so bad about it. Can I vanish myself from this world? Sometimes to die sounds so perfect. Like a melody, a sad long melody that lullabies me. I don't know what to do, the only thing I can do is, to watch this rain, that little by little washes over it all!