Swing! Swing! We went through the night!

10/26/2009 01:34:00 PM Postado por Vini Barros

Last Saturday night I was talking to a friend that I don't see since 2007's vacations, and that fact  was kinda curious. 1st 'cause I was going bed when she got online, and then she started to talk, well we talked about things that happened since the last time we saw each other and what we are going to do from now, but that night, I was kinda inspired, and she started to complain about some problem, involving people who lets us down, and we can not trust. Well I told her that I already felt that like a thousand of times, because to me is to easy to trust in people, and most of the time, people I trust just don't give a damn to me, and that's really frustrating, I hate it. But I told her that it's life, we don't create any rule, but we need to follow the ones that are imposed to us. No one cares if we like it or not. Well, as I said, I was very inspired that night and we kept talking about it all for a long, long time and she got really surprised about what I was telling her, her words: 
"Boy, I did not know that you were that smart and wise, when I met you, you were so funny and making jokes, you look different now." I told her that in fact I'm this way, you know, if you make jokes, or look happy some way you got people's attention for awhile, but in fact I'm not that joker that everyone think I am. It's just a mask, last Sunday at Centro Ita, I was not that happy, I was being me, but people just don't understand, or rather they prefer me to be the joker, I don't know and to tell you the truth I don't care, they're just people playing the same game that I play, and some of them play better than me.

" Cause you can do it better than me
And I can't do it better than you"