Where Do They Care, It's Called Home

10/04/2009 02:42:00 PM Postado por Vini Barros

Yes, I'm weak, in fact I'm weaker than I thought! But that's okay, I still have no right to feel anything, I'm a monster after all, I see this into people's eyes, they look at me as I'm a monster something that should be vanished from the world. Yeah, I'm a monster, so I have no right to feel anything at all, I'm not supposed to dream, or have any kind of feeling, it's forbidden. We, monsters, only exist to be the villain, we're faded to be the ones whose must be defeated, so once we're gone people can be happy again, while I'm alive, people will always get afraid to look at me, talk to me, think of me.... be my friend. But that's okay, this is me, I can't change nothing at all. I can't change the fact that I'm not good on nothing, sports, studies, funny things, relations, nothing. So I just want to get in a place where I find monsters like me, the excluded from society, if I find this place, will they care about me there? Can call this place as my home? I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. I'm so tired to be a cute monster, I wanna be the monster I am, deep inside. I am really tired of trying to make people recognize that I exist, that I'm real, and I don't understand why I care so much about it, it's getting me crazy, I am locked in my own thoughts and I can't flee. Linkings, important people, love! Do I like them? Is this the reason that make me stay? Do I need them? Is it because of them that my real me, my monster, still sleeping? To many questions and no answers at all, as I said before I'm weak... and I cannot even shed a tear or smile.