11/08/2009 09:05:00 AM Postado por Vini Barros

Hey people! I was listening such a sad song called Hurt sang by Johnny Cash, well this song is perfect. It understands me, I mean, everything that I always wanted to say is in the song, so I don't need to say a word, just close my eyes and let the feeling in while I'm listening it. I don't have nothing else to say. Bye and Good Morning!
Enjoy it

Say it Even If Nobody Hears!

11/01/2009 11:13:00 PM Postado por Vini Barros

Yo! I got a feeling.... a feeling deep inside! And I want to share with everybody, with the world, I just wanna say thanks for everyone in my life! For every little moment that you have afforded me. You have no idea how you're important to me. The ones who are still with me, the ones who are gone. Thanks. For being there, for share a few seconds or a whole life with me, I'll never forget you. Thanks Karla for being my oldest friend, even we're away now we have so much childhood's memories, you and all those guys from school, we have something unique that are only ours, we grew up together. Thanks Leo for teach me how do not be a friend, I learnt a lot from you, and if I still believe in people, it's all because of you. Thanks Ana Carla and Saulo, my first time trying alcoholic drinks hehehe such a evening at Compania Paulista. Thanks Dark, Cintia, Cilas, Bruno and all the other guys from we82, where are you now? Those weekends and "summer" vacations are still in my mind, everyday was new adventure, a new game to play. Thanks Alana, Gisele, and Marquitinho for those vacations at Mosqueiro, they were funny after all. Thanx Bela for being all those years here, by my side, I'm really lucky to be you as a friend. Thanks Alê for made me feel in love again,Thanks Jake to make me see things clearly and I was in doubt. Thanks to Hoshino, for allow me to gettin' in his life and teach new things everyday, Thanks Rafitcha, she's the one who understands me better than anyone else in this world, Thanks to Markypaul, the borther I chose, and I blindfold trust him, Those last ones I'm not ashamed to say that I love them. The list are really huge, have you ever stopped to think about people who in some way helped you in your way? Well I had. Well that's it, right now I feel like a marching band, playing around a song, that goes right to people's heart! Yes I still the same fool! Good night!