Feelings of Hearts

5/19/2009 09:13:00 PM Postado por Vini Barros

Have you ever play Kingdom Hearts? If you never, you should play it! This game is amazing, I really like the story and characters, and how people are connected, our emotions, feelings, all of it could be used for the good or for the bad, it's only up to us to decide! Something I really like is the friendship that is build along the game among the various characters and mainly between Sora, Riku, and Kairi, some scenes really touched me! Maybe 'cause I always take my decisions by my heart not by my mind, and I have this silly creed of always believe in the good of everyone and always hoping for the best of people can offer! Well, that's myself! And I felt so sorry about Roxas in KH II, when he is vanished in the Sora's awakening, that's really painful to discover that everything you've been living is going to fade away like a mist! I'm just saying all of this because it's the 100000000000 time that I'm listening KH's song theme, named Passion! So, Do you wanna be a keyblader or a heartless? haha! See ya around!